My Site

This site was created with Jekyll, a static site generator, and is hosted on Github Pages. I wanted to create a site that demonstrated my front end abilities while remaining singular in it's navigation. Many of the other "sites" (themes/templates/etc) listed below were made to give the impression of visiting the project without having to worry about the actual hosting. Most of these sites are still works in progress. Some are responsive, others less so. Goal one was to get a few examples of up help facilitate a new career in development. Goal two, websites version pro.

This Site

Jekyll, Bourbon, Sass, jQuery, and Panels (The off canvas menu for this site was created using Panels. I did however, modifiy the plugin to accept a speed parameter for variable timed transition. Would I use this method again? Probably not. But it works for now.)

Musings with Templates and the Shadow DOM

Basic demonstration of templates and the shadow DOM made with vanilla javascript, Bourbon, Neat, Sass, and jQuery.


Simple and clean, a site made with html templates, Neat, Sass, and jQuery.

The Center for Numinous Technology

Blog and future marketplace., WordPress, Sass, and jQuery.


A soon to be Meteor web app front end made with Bootstrap, and jQuery.

WordPress Theme and Lightbox

An example of a lightbox made for a WordPress theme.

Mercury the Cat

An older responsive website made with plain CSS and jQuery.

For more in-depth scrutiny, all code associated with this page and listed projects is available for viewing at my Github page.

Eric Williams